another false start
another false start
another false start
another false start

things falling apart
things falling apart

another false start
another false start


on a sunny day
I could almost hear the rain
all the artefacts
prove that nothing
is meant to stay

what some of us feel
is a sense of devotion
but don't follow my lead
I'm just a wave in the ocean

I'm one of the waves
just one of the waves
I'm one of the ways
just one of the waves

say what you needed to say
I'll just wander around
and wait

I'll wait

On a sunny day
I was almost
lead astray
every now and then
spring is here again


can you listen to the
sounds like an aftermath

another song thats going down
down in the drain of time

and as much as i'd like to stay
there's no reason left to wait

cause today

i am leaving this empty cage
i am crawling away
i tired of endless thoughts
got nothing to say
my home is a state of mind
and i feel better that way

just look at the paperboats
they're floating away
we're living on borrowed time
the'll sink anyway

just look at the paperboats
they're floating away
they're living on borrowed time
we'll sink anyway


I'm just taking my time
I try to
find refuge insight
in the wake of a storm
when there's no one around
besides you

there is hope in the wrecks
flowers under the snow

I won't destroy the picture
I painted in my mind
time to let go and change it
I'll paint over your lies

another turning point

we're taking off
something is stalling me
got to let go
of whatever was haunting me

in an endless struggle
for the window seat
turning inwards
as the joke is played on me

it's such a strange delight
when you see the fire burning

I seek refuge in your eyes
after all these years

cities changing overtime
while the past
the past is left undone


is this ending here
is it time to untie the ropes
after all these years
are you still keeping score

this time I'll try
to keep my footing
with a smile

it's just a set of
straight lines
thats how
abstractions divide
it's just a set of
straight lines
follow me
if you can't
see the sign

we lost track
of the days
we lost the keys
to the cage
now time is drifting away
we'll heal our wounds
on the way

It's a sad illusion
if you try to cross this line
there is a painful answer
waiting on the other side
as the years pass by you
you may notice that
the wall wasn't build
around you
in a place you
should let go


It rains again, Today
I could almost see
how the path starts to fade

Can you understand
can you undo the chains
but on second thought
I‘ll take a raincheck today

There is hope down the line
we‘ll fall down a rabbithole
i‘m afraid i became
a benchmark you are
holding on to

never meant to offend
the dreams that we had in store

an escape can be made
through loopholes
and rabbitholes