is this river running dry
all your thoughts
against your feelings
are you haunted by your fears
an excuse to keep daydreaming

it just takes to much time to see
that your're afraid
to find the piece of mind
to feel and love and share

it's all the sounds you heard
that silence washed away
it's all the dreams you had
the timetide took away

you can hurt yourself
it takes more time that way
then you will see yourself
push happiness away


maybe i've outgrown the scarecrow
i pictured as myself
but maybe all this fog around me
will never go away

stuck to the same routine for years
nothing ever changes
but for the scenery

you could see for yourself
wish you could see for yourself
wish you'd see for yourself
just try to see for yourself

see for yourself
just try to see for yourself

the path you take depends on
where you start


today the rays pass
through the cracks again
can see the dust
float in the air
i tried for years
to cut the apron strings
that made them
stronger everyday

I tried so hard
to leave the past behind
the pattern seemed
to reappear


I've got a notion in my head
of how I wanna feel
and I won't question
what i really need

there is too much
that we are craving for
things are stuck inside your head

there is too much to leave behind
on a sunday afternoon

for what it's worth

there is too many lies
spread around our lives

I tried to be honest and fight
at least I tried tonight!

impulse response

stay until the noises glide away
I'd rather walk the same path home


the sea is peaceful by your side
don't be afraid to care

you don't need to wait this time
you don't need to wait this time

you don't need to wait this time

cause I have seen the waves
reach the shore at night
I can sense your fear
while the lights fade out

I don't need a safety net tonight
I trust my impulses are right